UI + Visual + Sound : + Virtual & Augm. Reality

One of Delegati’s core mandates is to understand how various kinds of immersive experiences affect people and patients.

–  Interface –

A. The look, navigational utility and intelligence of the interface is very significant. We will iterate various forms of this to end up with the best interface possible. We use agile tools, which allow us to make changes swiftly, when necessary.

B. The way a person interacts with an interface affects the experience. We will initially use touch, keyboard/mouse, console style inputs and  a BCI – Brain Computer Interface. Later on we will explore how voice recognition and body interfaces (Kinect) can bring effective results.    

– Sound and Music –

Sound and music play a vital role in most media experiences.
We will look deeply and carefully at how to integrate them into the experiences we are creating.

– The Screen –

The ‘Screen’ plays a very significant role in our culture and in certain aspects of medicine. Screens are found on phones, tablets, laptops, TV’s and other devices. Most of our applications will be available across most screens.

VR/AR are going to be a paradigm shift in screen space and screen experience.

VR- Virtual Reality.  AR – Augmented Reality.
We are conducting some early stage Virtual Reality tests with an Oculus Rift Developer kit #2 headset.
The experience is quite mind blowing. It is something you have to experience directly to fully comprehend what this does, and to envision what is coming down the pipe over the next 3-24 months.

We predict that VR/AR will Revolutionize education, entertainment, certain therapies and business.

VR/AR Hardware. We will use some of the devices below during research and development.
We will likely target all of the devices for the experiences we create and release to the public.

– Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Headsets –

– VR –

> Rift and Gear VR : Oculus

> Vive VR : Valve and HTC

Morpheus VR : Sony

– AR –

> Hololens AR : Microsoft

> Glass AR : Google