Joshua Melamed from Delegati.Org and is the founder and lead person on the various projects.
Josh has considerable experience in various forms of media, including realtime interactive 3D and early stage prototyping and conceptualization in Virtual Reality (VR). As well, he is skilled at big picture conceptual development, research, innovation and connecting trends and technology advancements or leaps, that result in new paradigms.
He is very committed to, and enthusiastic about the Delegati.Org Vision.

Dr. Gideon Cohen – MD, MSc., PhD FRCS(C) – Delegati.Org Advisor
Gideon is the Chief of Cardiac Surgery in the Division of Cardiac and Vascular Surgery at Sunnybrook Hospital’s Schulich Heart Centre in Toronto, Canada. He has performed thousands of cardiac procedures throughout North America, and is also a world-renowned researcher in the field of heart surgery, with more than 50 articles published in leading peer-reviewed journals, and lectures throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.
In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, snowboarding, playing hockey and playing the piano. He is involved in various charitable organizations, and currently serves as a member of the board of directors for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.
> Dr. Cohen’s Sunnybrook Hospital Bio link
>  Dr. Cohen’s Cleveland Clinic Bio link

Shai Hinitz – Senior Program Manager at Microsoft (Seattle) – Delegati.Org Developer and Advisor
Shai is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft in the Windows core engineering team, working with strategic software developers to drive future investments in the platform. He has engaged with some of the world’s top game developers and designers to improve the Windows platform for games and graphic intensive applications. In 2008 Shai joined the DirectX team at Microsoft to drive innovation and alignment in the graphics ecosystem. Shai began his career in computer graphics in 1991 and has held several key positions, including product management of Academy Award winning 3D CG tools, animation and special effects production, and software development.
Shai enjoys balancing his career with quality family time and his passions for education, music, photography and aviation.

Alexander Repetski – Media Production and Communications – Delegati.Org Developer and Advisor
Alex came to Delegati.Org through a chance meeting with Josh. Recently, after his daughter’s diagnosis of catastrophic epilepsy, Alex found himself spending hours upon hours researching seizure disorders and neuroscience. His keen interest and growing knowledge base in everything that surrounds nueroplasticity and BCI therapies, along with his background in digital media production, makes him a natural fit for Delegati.

Thankfully, all of our Team members are considerably smarter than Josh.

We have 1 additional person involved on our development team and advisory team.

She has a strong set of skills and extensive professional and life experience.
More information about her will be posted soon.

We are in the midst of identifying additional elements that need to be added to solidify the foundation and advancement of the projects and Delgati.Org in general. We will connect with, and bring a few more people on board to address these needs over the next few months.