The following is the Hardware we will be using during the alpha and beta development phases.
As well, our finished product will work on these devices.

– BCI – Brain Computer Interface
– Computer Hardware
– Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Headset Systems

– BCI – Brain Computer Interface systems –

The Insight is Emotiv’s new product.
It is powerful and easier for the patient to use, as compared to the Emotiv Epoc.
> Emotiv Website

The Epoc and Epoc+ are Emotiv’s original BCI headset.
It has some pros and cons vs. the Emotiv insight.
For certain projects we are going to use the Epoc series BCI.
> Emotiv Website


> Muse : by Interaxon



> MyndPlay : by Neurosky
This is the BCI unity we are currently using.

– Computer Hardware Devices –

Laptops, Desktops, Tablets (iPad) and Smart Phones.
Later on: Xbox, Playstation and others.

OS : For: Windows, OSX and IOS Operating Systems.
Later on: Android and Console OS’s.

– Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Headsets –

– VR –

> Rift and Gear VR : Oculus

> Vive VR : Valve and HTC

Morpheus VR : Sony

– AR –

> Hololens AR : Microsoft

> Glass AR : Google