The Vision

DXDelegati Project X

DX is a series of research and development projects with a mandate to explore and understand how mediainteractive media, VR/AR (Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality) and  BCI (Brain Computer Interface) can potentially bring various kinds of benefits to people with various challenges and ailments, including neurological diseases and conditions.

Diseases and conditions:
Chronic Pain, Cancer / Chemotherapy, PTSD, Heart Disease, Depression, HIV/AIDS, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Strokes and more.

Pre-surgery and post-surgery:
Pre and Post Surgery can be very stressful and challenging times for patients. We will explore how our applications can support and bring benefit to patients during these times.

We use media, interactive media, VR/AR and BCI either as standalone modalities, or in partial or full combination with each other.

DXB is one of the DX projects whose mandate is to build a dedicated brain computer interface system to research, explore and understand how BCI can work with the brain’s plasticity (ability to change) to help people with neurological conditions.
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SWXM : Delegati.Org is advising Swerve about Swerve’s SWXM Project. The SWXM mandate is investigating and understanding how certain plant based medicines can bring benefit to people. The SWXM project will explore how these plant based medicines can potentially bring benefit to people in conjunction with one or more of the media modalities that Swerve & Delegati.Org are focusing on.
More info about SWXM will be posted in late 2015.