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– Neuroplasticity –
There is a significant and growing body of research and development happening in the area of brain plasticity (ability to change).

There are also significant developments happening related to Brain Computer Interfaces and Neurological issues and conditions.

For example:
News Headline : Brain-Computer Interface Reverses Paralysis in Stroke Victims
Please click > here to check out the video related to this important news. It’s amazing!

Some Delegati.Org images and related info are below:
We are moving forward to build our first DXB BCI experience. It’s called Hands.
It will initially integrate BCI with an onscreen representation of a person’s hands.
The onscreen hands will respond to the intent, via brainwaves, of the person wearing the BCI headset.
The person will be able to move the fingers with their mind.
Click here > for more info about DXB BCI and the Hands experience.

DelMDImagesTemplate3The Delegati Virtual Research and Patient Diagnostic Area.

BodyLungsHeart1Partially transparent  human figure 3D model with lungs and heart.
Lungs and heart are animated. The lungs breathe and the heart pumps.

The visual quality of the models and demo scenes are early stage sketches only,
and will be improved in future versions.